Manual Valve
Manual Valve Low-cost manual safety device. The equipment is installed on the foreline connected to main chamber and vacuum pump in semiconductor manufacturing line. When there is failure in chamber or pump, this device blocks the foreline, preventing malfunction of other equipment and maintaining vacuum necessary for manufacturing process when replacement or repair is taking place.
Item Protection
He leak Rate Sealing : < × 10 -8 Torr Liter/sec
Pressure Range 1 × 10 - 9 Torr to 1.6 bar
Differential Press at Operating ≤ 20 mbar
Lift time [Cycles] 100,000
Body Temperature ≤ 200℃
Valve Position Indicating Visual [Mechanical Indicator]
Actuator Manual Hand Wheel
ISO 9001:2000 Venture Business/Inno-biz